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Thread: Need help on Back routine: Db row vs Chins

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    Need help on Back routine: Db row vs Chins

    Hey! This will be my new Back routine for a while:

    Deadlift 3 sets
    Pull-ups(palms facing away)3 sets
    Ez-barbell rows 3 sets
    One-arm db row/Close-grip chins(palms facing me) 2 sets

    then I do 4 sets of curls for Biceps.

    My suggestion is to alternate Db rows and chins. I don't want to replace pull-ups or Barbell rows.
    Every other week I do chins and every other week I do db rows.
    Or shoudl I jsut replace db rows with chins.
    Chins might overtrain my bi's though.

    Please help me

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    Personally, I'd go with the one arm DB rows. I find them better for back thickness.

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    My back day is very similar, except I do

    BB rows
    chins(wide grip palms facing away)
    bb curls
    hammer curls

    Sometimes I throw in db rows If I feel like I need them. In my opinion, I would do wide grip chins and not worry about doing pull ups with palms facing you.

    Honestly though, whether or not you do db rows or chins with palms facing, it isn't going to make a huge difference. Your back is getting all it requires with deads, some form of chins and rows.
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    I know you do the chun ups, but maybe throw in some lat pulldowns? or maybe just a wide grip for chinups.
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    On my back day I rotate the following

    Chin ups: Done with a shoulder width grip palms in
    Close grip Chin ups: Done with hands almost touching palms in
    Pullups: Done with a wider than shoulder grip palms out

    I love chin ups. I think if done correctly nothing hits the upper back better.


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