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Thread: Newcomer, lose weight, foods to aviod, foods to eat, questions.

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    Newcomer, lose weight, foods to aviod, foods to eat, questions.

    Hello all.

    I am looking to lose some weight, I have done some research and am looking for about 2500 calories a day. I am just trying to drop some weight first before getting back into lifting. I am trying to get in daily excersise for at least 30min, mostly its basketball.

    Anyway, I see some posts about what people eat and it seems like a lot just eat the same food day in and day out every day. Doesnt that get old, hard?

    What are some good foods that I can eat daily to hit my 2500 goal. Is it okay for me to continue on protein drinks even when I am not going to be lifting?

    So far, I have been doing like 3 or 4 eggs in the morning with 2 pieces of toasted WW bread.

    10 am Tuna and crackers in a togo package from like safeway.

    12am usually a protein shake, since i used to take one then after my workout.

    2 pm Tuna and crackers again

    dinner was like a pork chop, or chicken, etc...

    then cottage chesse or some yogurt before bed.

    I would get around 2500 with this. Is this okay so far?

    What are some foods I should stay away from, that I shouldnt eat ever...

    What are foods that are just fine? Pork chops, chicken, steak?
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