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Thread: Newbie! Need help please!

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    Newbie! Need help please!

    OK here's the deal. I'm 15 1/2. I've worked out on and off since last February 2003 when I joined strength & conditioning at school. I was definitely the weakest in the class. I made average gains. I stopped for a while and then went on and off during the summer. I then started back up in August 2003 doing just bench. I noticed unusual gains. I maxed out, and did reps, every day and found myself, to my surprise, adding 5 pounds for max every couple days, sometimes every day. I don't think this is normal, but I'm not an experienced lifter so I don't know. I did that for about 2 months and then stopped again. I made it up to about 160 pounds for max in that time. Well my chest had gotten pretty defined and increased in size and my arms had gotten veinier. I didnt notice much arm increase, if any. I'm pretty skinny I guess, but when I flex, my biceps "lump" sorta large. I want to know how to get big arms this time for the summer 2004 to look good at the pool. I also need to know when and how much and stuff I should have the protien shake. Also what I did wrong and all that. I hope you all can help me out with this stuff. Also all I have at home is free weight and a squat/bench combo. No machines except for an upper and lower pulley. Thanks very much. Here is a workout I may try:
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