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Thread: Guy Drives motorcycle and grew huge forearms?

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    Guy Drives motorcycle and grew huge forearms?

    I know this one guy who is 5ft 9 and bulked up to 210lbs and was a black belt in karate and did not have too much body fat, I think maybe 9 or 10 or less. Anyways after he got a stomach virus he lost 40lbs by staying in the hospital for 2 months + the recovery time at home which obviously contributed to even more loss. That happened about 6months before I meet him and since then hes stayed at 170 but he still looks built and looks more then 170. Anyway The thing is he said, he has been driving his motorcycle for over a year now and his forearms are huge, The mass right before his wrist is actually bigger then his wrist. Im starting to think, can that much vibration over long periods of time cause the foreamrs to grow that huge compared to lifting weights such as forearm curls? Btw he has a 45 min commute from his house to the training center and he does that 5 days a week.
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