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Thread: body builders on the wtc tragedy

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    Mystic Eric

    body builders on the wtc tragedy

    here's what some of our favorite body builders had to say about the recent tragedies... (from

    I was on the treadmill at the time and when I heard the news on TV. All I could think about was how horrible it was for all the people who diedóboth in the air and on the ground. I was in shock and disbelief. I think we should respond, but we better find out who did it before we move ahead on this thing.

    I want to give my heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the people in New York, on the planes and in Washington. But Iím not going to let that sorrow mask my anger. Iím beyond anger, Iím furious. If I could sign up and go over and start taking them out myself, I would. We know who the enemy is. Iím tired of being politically correct. They donít care about killing our women and children.
    I hope the anger doesnít quell. I hope people donít start coming on the Oprah Winfrey show, saying we have to join hands and all that crap. Thatís what got this country in trouble in the first place. The rest of the world thinks weíre weak. Weíre not weak, and we have to start flexing our muscles.
    It pisses me off that it took the death of thousands of people to wake this country up. This country has to take care of itís own. I want to dedicate my Olympia performance to all the victims of that tragedy.

    Horrific acts took place on September 11, 2001. My condolences go out to everyone who got injured or killed. Violence never succeeds; terror never wins, but good always prevails.

    Iím a native New Yorker. New York is the greatest city in the world. Losing the World Trade Center is a terrible thing on many levels: Whenever I fly to New York City I look out the window of the plane and enjoy the beautiful view of those skyscrapers. It is hard to believe that they no longer exist. My heart is broken. But New York City will rise from the rumble and be stronger than ever.

    I was waking up when it happened and all I can say is that there are some crazy people in the world. We shouldnít have let Saddam Hussein off the hook at the end of the Persian Gulf War. It was just a matter of time that something like this would happen. The next step is to drop bombs and let the bullets fly so these creeps know we mean business.

    GARRETT DOWNING (a veteran of the Gulf War)
    I was in shock. I grew up in New York City and 20 members of my family still live there. This has shaken people all around the world. The World Trade Center was beautiful, a symbol of New York City, and humanity will never be the same.

    I got a wake-up call from my mother-in-law who was watching the whole thing on TV back in Germany. I could not believe it. I knew right away a war was going on and that these acts of violence must have been planned for a long time. We have to wipe these terrorists out like a virus that is attacking the immune system.

    Life is short. It just goes to show you never know whatís around the corner.

    VICTOR MARTINEZ (Manhattan resident)
    I was on 54th Street when it happened and people started running to the nearest TV set. The police closed off the streets so that the cruisers could go down to the World Trade Center. My mouth dropped open in shock when I found out what was going on. There was no way to call people so you just had to wait and hope. A few of the guys from my gym are still missing. My girlfriend lost a good friend who had just started working at Windows on the World in the North Tower. Iím a true blue New Yorker and I will stand by this city as it rebuilds for the future. But right now Iím very upset about all the people who died.

    I got a phone call after the first plane hit the North Tower and then I watched the rest of it on TV. I was totally devastated. It was like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie gone wrong. Perhaps we will have to give up some of our personal freedoms to make our world safer and more secure.

    Even though the Mr. O. is everything to me, the recent tragedy has hit close to home. I hope we get the assholes who are responsible for this and put an end to this bullshit once and for all. Bodybuilding has always been such an international melting pot, and I hope that sentiment can help get us through this.

    This tragedy has touched all of us. On the day it occurred, I couldnít fathom what had happened. Up until this, getting on a plane was as simple as getting in a car, and I think now all thatís going to change. Itís very sad. Itís great that we can all come together at a terrible time as this, but it should also open peopleís eyes to see that life is too short to be so caught up in your own life that you ignore whatís going on in the world.

    I got a phone call from the East Coast, and watched it happen. I have friends and family who live in the city, and I was very scared for their safety. I called and e-mailed as many people as I could. Thank God they were all fine. I needed to hear everybodyís voice.

    This nation has truly proved their compassion and unity through this horrific incident. My heart and prayers goes out to all the families and victims.

    As the president of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), I would like to say how deeply saddened and outraged we are by the horrific acts of terrorism that took place in the United States on September 11, 2001. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering the victims families most be going through during this disastrous time. I would like to extend our heartfelt regrets to the families of the heroic rescue workers who bravely attempted to save the victims of this gruesome tragedy and paid the ultimate sacrificeótheir lives. Words cannot express the anguish this act has caused the entire world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this world tragedy and we pray for peace and Godís blessing to get us through this improbable tragedy.

    With Deep Sorrow,

    Ben Weider, CM, CQ, SBStJ, PhD

    look how ignorant shawn gay's comment is. hahah him and bob would be best of friends
    personally, i like kamali's comment best.

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    and what about Matarazzos Rambo style comment??..

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    Thanks for the post, interesting read...
    Stay Down With The

    Runnin' with the Hatchet.. like WHUT?!?

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    lets put bin laden in a room with matarazzo, let the big mofo show him who the daddy is
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    Mazz kicks ass!!
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