Ok first of all I'm 16, 5'-7 or 5'-8, and 130-135 lbs. I realize that I'm a skinny mofo... I desperately want to get big, (preferrably as quickly as possible), but without creatine (protein is fine tho) or steroids (like I'd even THINK about roids before 20). Even though I'm a skinny guy, my strength (being a beginner) isn't too bad (in my opinion anyways).

For example my 1 rep max on flat bench is 150 lbs. (I know that you guys warmup with 20 reps of this but hey I'm small and a beginner so bear with me, at least I do my weight!) Also I can squat 225x6 for 2 sets then I can only get 4 on the 3rd set. I'm just telling you this to give you an idea of what I have to work with.

First of all I need to know how many calories to intake per day (5-6 meals a day is what I will do). Also I need to know about how many grams of prot/carbs I need per day.

After that I need information about working out, such as how many exercises/sets/reps per muscle group (I'm doing a 3-day split: chest/tris/shoulders, legs, back/bis). I've heard that 2 sets per exercise is enough, I've also heard that 5 sets breaks down the muscle more (making it better), but I don't know WHAT TO BELIEVE! I always go to failure (which is almost ALWAYS between 4-8 reps). For example, should I do 4-6 reps or like 6-8 reps? I'm trying to gain MASS and STRENGTH.

I'm going to try to get 8 hours of sleep per night now, because I've only been getting 4-5 :/

Please help me with this information and stuff cause I'm really serious about wantin to get big

thanks a lot