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Thread: Please critique my bulking diet

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    Please critique my bulking diet

    Hey, I'm new to these forums and I've looked around to get some kind of idea on how to bulk up. I am 5'8" 135lbs. Yes...I am a twig and I have found it difficult to gain any weight. Here's my preliminary "diet" that I made up by browsing other users' diets. I'm still a bit confused on what foods I should eat and which ones I should stay away from. There seem to be some conflicting ideas on different posts.

    8:00 Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled and 1/2 cup plain oatmeal

    10:00 Snack: Protein shake (water w/powder mix)

    12:00 Lunch: either a can of tuna w/WW bread or chicken w/pasta

    3:00 Snack: "natty" pb and WW bread

    5:00 Post-workout snack: protein shake (blended w/1 frozen banana, 1 cup milk, and 1 tbsp pb)

    8:00 Dinner: Either chicken and pasta or 1/2lb lean ground beef w/taco seasoning and WW tortillas

    10:00 Snack: pb and WW bread

    Midnight Snack: cottage cheese and tbsp fish oil.

    Along w/the diet, I have also started the 1st WBB routine. Any suggestions on how to change my diet are greatly appreciated. Plz no replies with "eat everything in sight" because I know that's probably what I need to do. Another thing about the diet in I want high protein, high carbs, and high calories or what?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The diet looks good. Have fun w/ the bulk.
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    I say your not taking in enough food. Since your 135 lbs....your skinny. I was like you. Take my word for it, dont waste your money on protein powders. Our bodys have such quick metabolism's, that that stuff does nothing for us. So i say, ditch your protein powder.

    Your not taking in enough calories. Here is how i would change your diet....and i know youd see much better results...

    Meal one 4eggwhites, 1 whole egg, 1/2 cup dry oatmeal, 1 banna, 1 other fruit.

    meal two 2 -100% natural peanut butter and jam sandwhich on wholw wheat bread, 1 carrot, 1 other fruit.

    meal three (assuming this is pre-workout) 1 cup mixed vegtables, 2 chicken breasts, carb source...depending on how much more you can eat (oatmeal again if you want) , some yogurt.

    meal 4 (assuming this is post AT THE GYM after you shower after your workout) 1 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 scoop gatorade, a couple of good wholesome granolabars.

    Meal 5 whatever the hell you want. Just make sure you got enough meat to give you around 40-50 grams of protein. Enjoy this 1 meal aday of eating anything you want!!! when cutting time comes in 4 years... you will miss this! eat as much as you can of anything!!! just get your protein!

    midnight snack .... stick to what you are using.

    so yah... thats what i would reccomand to anyone who is sick and ****ing tired of being skinny. Dont just dive into that much food though. Gradully build up on it over a 2 week period. Your stomach will hurt.....hurt alot. Give it 1 month of eating like this, and it will stretch. Soon you will be able to handle that much food no problem. And if you find you still arent gaining weight. Add 1 pieace of fruit to each meal.... still not gaining, add more fruit to each meal!!! fruit rules! Wanna really make sure you will gain weight??? add fruit and milk to eat meal. I normally drink water with everything. But drink a ton of milk at each meal time. EVEN BETTER drink chocalate milk at each meal....WITH FRUIT hahaha.

    AND in myopioin... dont waste your time with weight gainers... in my eyes they are just a **** load of sugar. You might as well eat fruit if you want the sugar. At least fruit does the body good.

    Watch tv as you eat if you can. itll take your mind off of eating as your eating.

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    Dude at your weight just eat any thing you want.Six meals a day ,a meal every 3 hours,1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight .There is no need to eat super clean but center your meals aroung beef,eggs,chicken ,or fish.Drink whole milk ,it will put weight on you big time.At your stage of development eat big and train briefly.Some good old junk food for extra calories is OK if you want ,but make sure you get all your macronutrients in first.

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    Your diet doesn't seem to have any fruits or vegetables in it, at least try to incorporate that into your diet.

    Also if you feel like what you're eating will be too much ... don't worry, your metabolism will increase once you start working out hard regularly. Good luck


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