Well Im 15, about 130 and 5'6. Im pretty small, no fat on the front (I gain weight in the ass and thighs..anyone got any tips on gettin rid of that?) and I wanna bulk up on muscle in my arms and abs/chest. I know I will have to also work out my back.

Anyways here are some things to tell about me.. I used to eat junkfood non stop, but now I have switching over to more healthy stuff (LOTS of milk, tuna, fruits and veggies, eggs, grain, rice.) and im leavin the junkfood alone. I dont know alot about wieght lifting, but I do know some of the basics (not to overtrain, consistency, stuff like that).

I want a simple plan that will help me get bigger arms and abs/chest. I dont have too much equipment though, just a set of freewieghts, a benchpress style bar and wieghts (like for EZ curls) and a chinup bar. Im also planning on drinking protien shakes after every workout.

Can anyone help me out a bit? I was a member on another forum, but the stuffhtey told me was insanely hard to understand, and I got really confused.

thanks alot!

(does anyone know a way I could loose the fat on my ass and thighs?)