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    Sport-Specific Fitness Q

    I play lacrosse and the season is about to start (Feb 17 is the first day of practice) .. and I wanted to be in as good shape as possible. Not too much training (I'm planning on something equivalent to maybe WBB #1 in time) outside of practice is going to be possible when the season starts because of all the time and energy it takes.

    Right now I'm doing Kyle's Russian Bench Routine and mixing in some curls, machine crunches and rows when I see fit. Once or twice a week I'll do some running. We have about 2 weeks of practice before the first game, so if I'm lagging behind a bit on the cardio stuff, I should catch up most of the way by then since we do a good amount of gassers at practice. I'm usually pretty beat after the bench workouts because they are damn intense, but I'm definately not overtraining and can add in a little bit more training.

    I'm obviously working on my stick skills and all that. Still, I'm wondering if I can do plyometrics or anything to improve:
    -Body Checking power
    -Shot power
    -Cutting (not losing bf, but rather being able to switch directions fast I guess)
    ..and anything else you guys can think of.

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