Seeing as i'm a new member I think it's best that I introduce myself properly before getting into my workout details.

I am around 6'2 and my weight changes between 200 and 210 lbs. It isn't exactly stable and can change by 4-5 lbs overnight. Like many of the members of this board I am a student. I have lived between Cali and the UK the last few years due to my Dad's job. At the moment I am in England for three years doing an undergraduate degree in Geography with International Relations, which is basically a mixture modern history and politics.

My background in sports is mainly in rugby. I am not sure how familiar you guys are with the sport. I have played at a county level as well as for my region and for a professional club's academy team. I also have a background in cross country running although I have bulked up now and my cardiovascular endurance is not quite as good as it wfas when I ran seriously.

For roughly the last year I have been out injured with back problems. Although I made an effort to be active it was difficult due to frequent pains I have felt in the lumbar spine region. While injured the amount of fat in my stomach area increased although my upper checks and legs are still solid and very strong. My initial aim are to lose some fat from my stomach and turn it into muscle. As well a;s losing weight on my stomach I am looking to build my arms up. They have been my main weakness for quite a while now and my lack of upper body strength holted my progression in sports.

I had used the gym a few days a week before my injury although I did not ever take it seriously. For the last month I have been trying to put as much effort as possible into my training and I have attemped to adjust my diet to compliment this training. Within the last month my arm size has visibly increased although I have not measured them and am not sure about the difference in size. I have also lost around 20 lbs of fat that I was carrying on my stomach, thighs and bum. I am now looking better and am running alot further and faster on treadmills and skiing machines. I am still aiming to lose some more excess fat before aiming to bulk up in muscle through weight training. I also want to increase my bench.

A typical day's food for me at the moment would be something like:

Breakfast - 1 large bowl of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch - 4 slices of toast with a small amount of spread and marmite.

Dinner - 2/3 chicken breasts with green beans and mushrooms.

On a typical day I also have a few slices of toast when I feel hungry.

I am looking to cut down on the amount of carbs I am taking in at the moment, especially the white bread. I think that if I can cut that out my diet should be alot better. If you guys have any suggestions cheap food I can eat I would be very grateful. I am pretty poor because I have to finance my own eduction and do not get much aid at all. Therefore I cannot afford luxeries like shakes, bars and creatine.

My typical workout is usually something like this:

Bench Press

2 sets of 5 reps of 180bs
3 sets of 8 reps of 155 lbs
3 sets of 10 reps of 135 lbs


3 sets of 5 reps of 245 lbs
3 sets of 5 reps of 265 lbs

Upright Row

2 sets of 8 reps of 135 lbs
2 sets of 8 reps of 155 lbs

Leg Press

3 sets of 25 reps of 200 lbs

Running (Treadmill)

20 minute run (usually go around 3 miles)


AIMS - For the next month

Lose the fat on my stomach
Increase my working bench to over 210 lbs
Increase my maximum bench to over 250 lbs.

If there is anything you think I should add to help me reach my targets then please I will listen to any advice!