I'm new to this board, but I have a question and I thought you guys would be the ones who could best answer it.

My friends and I need to organize and implement some project that will benefit the community. I figured there are tons of guys who workout in college so we decided to organize a Bench Press Contest to benefit Give Kids the World/Make a Wish Foundation. We will be asking about a $10 entrance fee for competitors and getting donations from local businesses to help defray costs. Our problem is in the details. What kind of rules do you use for this contest. So here is where you guys come in. Please answer the following questions:

1. What should the weightclasses be
2. What kind of exercises should we include in the competition besides Bench Press and should there be weight classes for that exercise? (keep in mind this will be done in the parking lot in front of a gym, so no big heavy machinery like a Smith Machine.)
3. How do you do a bench press contest? Does one person bench and then others try to beat it? Or does everyone make a prediction as to what they can bench first?
4. How can we have this contest with zero injuries...what kind of warmup should be mandatory. Should we force contestants to do a certain number of warmup sets?

I might think of more questions later, but thats all for now. All your help is greatly appreciated. We are anticipating a pretty big turnout because all proceeds will be benefitting a worthy cause.

Thanks alot!