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Thread: advice about dieting!!

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    advice about dieting!!

    I have posted other threads, but I can't really do this by my self. So here we go.......... I am an active person, I run almost everyday, play soccer, and do weight lifting. I am currently at 160, 5'9''. I don't really know wut to eat during morning afternoon and dinner, I just need some advices, or a food routine I could follow. Can anyone help me out?. ( I run a lot and do weight lifting, but my weight doesn't increase nor decrease, just wondering.. could it be because I am doing weight lifting and gaining muscles?)

    This is wut I eat during the day:
    Meal 1: Sometimes I made a shake with a cup of nonfat milk, one banana and ( or I eat a cereal--- a cup of nonfat milk, and 1-2 cup of corn falkes kellogs) I eat a sandwish--- a slice of turkey or a white egg, and lettuce. ( no mayonneise or mustard) -- water--

    snack 1: Most of the time I eat a fruit( apple, pear, or orange)--water---

    meal 2: I made a sandwish with turkey or egg, lettuce and one fruit.--water-

    snack 2: I eat another fruit ( apple, pear, or orange)--water--

    snack 3: garden salad, with tomatoes.
    meal and a small piece of chicken or fish.-----water---

    Meal 3: I go to pollo loco and buy a chicken breast, a leg, vegetables, and mash potatoes. I drink a 6.75 fl oz fruit punch.

    After 6 pm I don't eat because I go the gym and don't know wut to eat after because I get out like around 10 or 10:30 pm and I don't know wut to eat. I get hungry but since is too late and don't know about nutrition I just go to sleep.

    I eat a lot of fruits (is it okay?)? I think I should eat more carbs huh?.
    I eat every 2 to 3 hours, I don't eat that much and most of the time I eat wut I have written. By 6 pm I get out of work and go to the gym, I run for one hour 2 days in a row ( tues and wed), thurs, fri, I run for half and hour and then go do weight lifting ( weight lifting I do it for like about 1 hour and 1/2 or 2. ( sometimes I run one hour 4 days in a row) On saturday I just go do light weight lifting, not that light I would say medium, because I play on sunday. I rest on sunday and monday since I play those days. My cheat days is on sunday :o). Just need some advices if wut I could add or I don't know you tell me( should I eat more? I used to eat big time but not anymore.!!!. Thanks in advance.

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    start those programs and track what you eat for a few months.
    your dietary flaws should be abundately obvious once you see trends.


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