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Thread: warm up ... cool down

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    warm up ... cool down

    how do you warm up? and how do u cool down?

    I do a 5 min jog and then do a couple of warm up sets for the first given muscle group...

    to cool down i do another 5 min jog

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    use about a tenth of my 1 rep max to get warmed up on bench,then a couple of squats without weights.normally does the job.light job to cool down
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    I warmup with 2 or 3 light sets (for the bench, just the bar). I don't worry about a warmdown. You should do a warmdown on hard cardio to ease your heart back down, but it shouldn't be needed on resistance training.

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    Bah, I just throw 500 lbs on the bar and whip it around because warming up is for pusssies!

    In other news, I jog for maybe 5 min, more if I'm doing legs. Raising heart rate and body temperature is critical when exerting yourself weight training.
    Then some bodyweight squats when doing legs, then light weights then the weight I want to use.

    Warm down is not too dissimilar. Warm down is essential for facilitating the removal of built-up lactic acid and stimulating circulation. This is ESSENTIAL when resistance training. You recover much faster afterward.

    Warm down I'll simulate the movement a bit, tensing my muscles at time for isometric exercise. And bodyweight squats again if doing squats. Running and stationary bike I use too.


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