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Thread: Newbie Needs Advice

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    Newbie Needs Advice

    I'm relatively new to bodybuilding and I'm looking for some tips. I just recently stopped powerlifting after my junior year of high school. I finished with a bench of 387 1/2, squat 540, and power clean at 315. In the process of powerlifting I put on about 60 pounds since my freshmen year of highschool and am now 220 pounds (I cut down 20 already). I'm tired of having the loose fat on my body and i'm trying to get ripped. I was wondering about the importance of cardio cause I currenlty don't do much cardio period. I'm also lagging behind in terms of arms training as my arms are only 16 and a half inches. Any advice from you more experienced bodybuilders would be greatly helpful.
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    cardio is a must if your trying to cut. i would do cardio at least 3 times per week. also proper diet improtant too, do a search in the diet if you need help with that
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