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Thread: GERMANY TRIP!! Rest week issue

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    GERMANY TRIP!! Rest week issue

    hey, on March 20 I will head off to Berlin, Germany with people from my school. It will be a blast with massive partying etc. I will post pictures here when I come back.

    Anyways I wonder when I should take a week off?
    I wanna take a week off every 8-10 weeks of training.

    I was planning on taking my next restweek on week 9(23-29 feb)
    I would then have been doing 9 straight weeks of training.

    But know this Germany trip came up, which is on week 13(20-28 march). If I take a week off on week 9, I will only lift 3 weeks before taking another week off. And that's right in a new mass cycle.

    So now here's my 2 options I guess:

    1. Take a week of on week 6 instead of 9. I will then have trained 6 weeks and then a break and then 6 weeks agai before my Trip.

    2. Take a week off on week 9, like originally planned, and then do Bodyweigjht exercises in Germany and count that week as a weightlifting week.

    Which options would you choose and why?

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    Just take the week off and enjoy yourself
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    more suggestions?


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