Hey guys, I am new to this forum.

First lemme tell you 'bout me...I haven't seriously done any bodybuilding in 15 years. I was a hardcore iron pumper, went to the gym 6+ days a week and a minimum of 2 hours each day. I was not a powerlifter although I was pretty strong.

My nickname at my old gym was "Traps" due to my large traps..go figure! My best body part was my shoulders (and traps) but everything else was pretty equal. The gym rats spread a rumor that I was on 'roids...which I wasn't. As usual, the guy who works out the hardest gains the most muscle. Plus I had been working out since I was 13 and just hit my zone.

Anyways...two years ago Ihad a major knee trauma that required surgery, three months of rehab (couldn't walk for a solid 3 weeks before te surgery). I have had a major tendinitis flair up in my left shoulder from an accident too.

Now....my right elbow is giving me problems (getting older sux)and I thawt some of you muscleheads could give me some advice. It initially started about 3 months ago and I know what brought it on.

I worked at a Sporting Goods store that sold gym equipment and it seemed the younger guys were braggin about being able to curl the 50 pound dumbells. SO, I told em I could curl em more times. I did ten cold reps. I was asked many times to do it and 'course I did. I started feeling pain in my right elbow back then and now it has advanced to the point where sometimes when I grip something...pick up a dumbell offa the rack...it really hurts to the point that I can't do curls with my right arm.

I only started my comeback to the sort for 2 and a half weeks now and I'm getting in shape pretty quick. Doing mostly legs now cuz of my elbow. (Squats and deadlifts were my favorite power movements). Getting ready to go full bore real shortly but my elbow is really holding me back.

I've iced it some...ever try icing your elbow? It HURTS!!!. Short of going for a cortisone shot I'm open to other suggestions. Does it sound like tendinitis or something wimpy like tennis elbow?

Sorry fer the long post...