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Thread: Strongest at what age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -sin-
    How the hell do you suggest reaching your full strength potential without training? Go back to school and take a class on common sense.
    I was replying to the OP's post. I suggest that you go back to school and take a class of common courtesy.

    As for the OP, why did you state in your post "minus all the variables of training". As the only way to subtract all the variables of training would be not to train at all, it sounded like you were asking about untrained strength potential. This is not a flame, but the way your original post was worded that is what it looked like you were asking.

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    ExtremeAnabolic, I appreciate your response. Although I didn't intend to ask the question that you answered initially, I did plan it as a follow-up. As to why I wrote "minus all the variables of training," I'll quote myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by tom o
    I didn't make it clear what I meant, but I saw no need to change my question, as I was getting the answers I sought.

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    Powerlifting is a very accurate test of "maximum output" muscular strength. Most lifters at the nationals/worlds level are between their late 20s - very early 40s. I'd guestimate that a lifter (who trains consistantly and who avoids major injury) reaches his peak in his late 30s on average.

    I think that a person hits their repetitive rep strength between their late 20s - mid 30s.

    I think that a person hits their high rep endurance strength in their late teens - late 20s.

    It's really cool that powerlifting has masters classes (40-49, 50-59, 60-69, ect.). This allows lifters to continue to compete and to compare themselves to their peers, rather than to the open class.

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    I read in men's health that men are in the best shape at 23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M-Tiz46
    I read in men's health that men are in the best shape at 23.
    best shape for what?
    spritning, distance running, powerlifter. ignore the article in mens and health as that is very larger blanket statement.
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