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    When working the shoulders, should I use heavy weight, meaning to failure? I read somewhere that since the shoulder muscles are smaller, they don't need the work that the larger muscles need.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Thats true in some instances, however it depends on the exercises.

    Be careful on any shoulder stuff that involves going behind the neck as well as anything which can possibly injure your rotator.

    Any shoulder stuff involving raising weight with arms straight and fully extended from bottom to top should be done light as your arms provide leverage and the farther the weight is from your shoulder, the more work your shoulder will be doing(Also raising risk of injury.) If you do anything like this, make sure to go somewhat light and when raising the weight, don't go past your chin vertically.

    -Just mah 10 :o. All I can think of at the moment.
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    I'm all about pre fatiguing my delts before I do any presses...

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    Work, as in volume? Also remember that your shoulders come into play while working other bodyparts, as well. Especially chest (and for the guys who try to curl twice their bodyweight). I think people may overtrain their shoulders a tad. If you can arrange your routine to work them the same day as chest (doing chest first), they'll be prefatigued and the brunt of all shoulder work will be done in one day. Thus, giving it a week to recouperate.

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    I lift heavy on shoulders for the most part. Heavy Arnold Presses and sometimes heavy Military Press.

    I don't get THAT heavy on Lateral Raises or such, but then again I am quite strict on form with those -- not like those clowns you see that not only bob their knees to provide inertia with each rep but that also have their elbows bent so far in it looks like they're doing the chicken dance with DBs.


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