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Thread: Strength question.

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    Strength question.

    I was just wondering if while you were working out that you hit a point where your strength just increases dramatically. In the middle of december, for bench, i was doing 190lbs 10x. Just yesterday i did 210lbs 10x. Is 20lbs a big increase in about a month in a half? I'm not taking any supplements what so ever. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I was just really curious. Thanks

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    If you dramatically improve your training methods, then sure. I had that happen one summer- the bench went up from 235 to 290.

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    Sure. I've had lifts shoot up for what appeared to be no reason.

    I've also had them stall forever.
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    same thing happened to me last May. all of a sudden most of my lifts dramatically increased! it was a very good month for me! i thanked the "gym gods"...
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    good increase. How long have you been training?


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    Definitely. If I gain at all it's usually in 20lb increments. I think rest, diet, protein and calories has a major part to do with it, as well as pre/post w/o carbs. For maybe 2weeks I was getting crap sleep and barely made any gains(got like 3-4h/day). Once I started sleeping more and I raised the d/cals +400 and protein to 1.2g/lb-bw the gains came again in full force. Lowered protein back to 1g/lb-bw and gains have still been steady since.

    Refeeds/Loads are key too if you're low-carbing it.
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    Yea strength increases can happen unexpectedly.
    An example is my Barbell Military Press
    Eary December and Before = 120lbs X 4
    January 4th or so = 120lbs X 9
    The the week after = 125lbs X 9
    Then the week after = 130lbs X 7
    I think it has stalled, will see next week, but yea it was unexpected.

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    Nice info AllUp

    why does it jump so much?
    mental state? mindset? anger at social injustice? someone made you listen to pop music?


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