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Thread: I made a good database for counting daily/monthly nutritional data.

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    I made a database for counting daily/monthly nutritional data.

    Please download it and tell me what you think.

    I made this monthly nutrition data table with Excel for a 31 day month since I couldnt find one out there on the net. I have been recording this in notebooks but I think this is a lot easier and i also added a page which totals all the stuff up for the entire month. All you do is input what you ate in the item column and plug in the nutritional data in the boxes next to it. The bottom right box totals everything you entered. and you just click on the dates on the bottom to switch days. The worksheet entitled monthly total adds up whatever is in the totals box on each page.
    what i wouldl suggest if you use this is to save this then save it again as the file name for each month. Each month open the original and then immediately save it as the current month. this will save a lot of time so you dont delete everything from each month to make room.

    I hope this is useful to whoever downloads it.

    monthly nutrition data
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