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Thread: Tennis Elbow

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    Tennis Elbow

    What excatly is tennis elbow? I have a feeling i have it or a similar type injury. When i use my tricep i feel a pain near the elbow joint on the underside. The thing is this injury has never gone away. Ive taken weeks off, ive tried high rep low weights, nothing works. Does anyone else have a similar problem and/or know how to fix it?

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    It sounds like a classic case of tennis elbow/tendonitis. You can get one of those arm wrap things from a sporting goods store, my suggestion would be to lay off it for a week or so. That will cause the pain to go away faster.

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    I think that doing light tricep pushdowns on the pulley are supposed to help long-term. I have had the same thing and it usually helps me out.

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    You could have an acute injury of the elbow (like a bone chip or something) but if it is a dull pain that has come on over time and actually feels a bit better while you work out, but worse after you work out, then best bet is that it is some form of tendonitis.

    Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is located on the top on the elbow, or if you have your plams facing forward with thumbs out, it is located on the outside.

    If it's underneath, or on the inside when your palms are facing forward, it's called "golfer's elbow" (medial epicondylitis). At any rate, it's the same problem, which is inflammation of the one of the tricep tendons and possibly bursitis of the elbow as well.

    First off, you can help the symptoms with Ibuprofen and ice after exercise, but that won't help the actual cause. To cure it, it depends on how you received the injury. Almost all forms of tendonitis are overuse injuries. The only thing you can do is rest it until you feel no pain and then gradually get back into training if it is from something like tennis or golf (where you have to swing the racket a certain way). If that is what caused it, see if you can get a lighter racket/club, or replace the grips with smaller ones...also get some stroke lessons to make sure you are not doing something odd with your swing.

    If a certain lift causes it, then (not to be a smartass) quit doing that lift. There is nothing magical about close-grip presses for triceps- if they bother you then substitute another exercise. You will probably find that certain moves will pull on the injured tendon more than others, so work around it. You will also find with tendonitis that you will swear you are 100% recovered until you swing the racquet for the first time or lift the move that bothered you in the first place- and then you will feel that old pain creeping back in as if it never left. Due to very poor recovery time, tendons and ligaments will seem okay but are actually not 100% repaired.

    Whatever you do, don't "work through the pain". When there is swelling in a joint and the tendon is warmed up it may actually feel like it is better, when you are probably just increasing the damage.

    Good luck with it.


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