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    these are my workouts over the last 2 months, decided to post them cos i think my gains have been ok, throughout my workouts i focus solely on form and on pumping the muscle itself, not on increasing weight/reps. i find if i concentrate more on incresing weight/reps i lose form.

    legend is : exercise - weight x reps, weight x reps, weight x reps

    12th January 2004

    Squats (kg+bar) - 35
    Bench Press (kg+bar) - 22.5, 25
    Incline DumbBell Press (lbs) - 30, 35
    Machine Behind Neck Press (plates) - 9, 10x3
    Sled Calve Raise (plates) - 13, 13
    Ttricep Pushdowns (plates) - 8, 9

    14th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 6x12, 6x15
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 20x12, 30x10
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 10x10, 15x10
    upright row (kg) - 20x10, 25x10
    barbell curls (kg) - 25x10, 25x6
    Dumbbell shrugs (lbs) - 50x15, 50x12
    hanging hip raises - x22, x12
    twisted crunches - x15, x15

    19th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 7x12, 6x12
    upright row (kg) - 25x12, 30x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 15x12, 15x10
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 30x15, 40x8
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x14, 10x14
    barbell curls (kg) - 30x8, 25x6
    hammer curls (lbs) 20x10, 25

    21st January 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 25x10, 25x10
    incline bench press (lbs) - 35x5, 30x8, 30x7
    dumbbell pullover - 35x12
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 9x6, 8x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 20x11, 20x10
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 8x13, 8x10

    23rd January 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 40x14, 45x14
    leg extension (plates) - 6x12, 7x8
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 35x12, 30x13
    leg curl (plates) - 14x12, 16x10
    sled calve raises (plates) - 13x12, 14x14
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) 30x19
    hanging hip raises - x20, x6
    twisting situp - x20, x6, x10

    26th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 8x14, 8x9
    upright row (kg) - 30x11, 25x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 15x12, 17.5x9
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 40x13, 40x10
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x14, 10x16
    barbell curls (kg) - 30x8, 27x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 25x12, 20x16

    28th January 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 25x15, 30x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 30x14, 35x7
    dumbbell pullover - 40x13
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 10x10, 10x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x7/6, 10x13/12
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x10, 8x6

    2nd February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x8, 8x10
    upright row (kg+bar) - 10x10, 10x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 17.5x12, 17.5x10
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 45x15, 45x10
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x16, 15x12
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 10x8, 5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 25x20, 20x22

    4th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 30x9, 25x10
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 35x10, 35x7
    dumbbell pullover - 45x13, 45x11
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 11x8, 10x6
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x9, 8x9
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x5/4, 10x10

    6th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 20x12, 30x9, 30x8
    leg extension (plates) - 6x10, 7x10, 8x10
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 30x12, 40x9
    leg curl (plates) - 17x10, 17x7, 17x7
    sled calve raises (plates) - 11x19, 10x19
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) 20x13, 20x16

    9th February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x7, 8x8, 8x7
    upright row (kg) - 30x9, 30x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 30x8, 40x8, 35x6
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 50x8, 50x6
    lateral raises (lbs) -
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 10x8, 10x5, 7.5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 30x8, 30x6, 30x6

    11th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 32.5x10,35x6, 22.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x8, 40x4
    dumbbell pullover - 45x12, 45x9
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x4, 11x4, 10x4
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x9, 8x9, 8x8
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x4/5, 10x7/8, 10x7

    13th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 35x9, 35x8, 30x9
    leg extension (plates) - 9x10, 10x11, 11x7
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x9, 40x8, 40x8
    leg curl (plates) - 18x11, 19x5
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) - 25x20, 25x17
    sled calve raises (plates) - 12x12, 11x11

    16th February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x8, 8x8, 8x6
    upright row (kg+bar) - 12.5x6, 10x6
    deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x9,45x9, 45x8
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 55x9, 55x5
    lateral raises (lbs) - 20x8, 20x6
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 12.5x8, 10x5, 7.5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 35x5, 30x7, 30x6

    18th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 35x9,35x6, 32.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x9, 40x5, 35x6
    dumbbell pullover - 35x11, 40x7
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x6, 11x4, 10x4
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 10x8, 10x5, 9x6
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x5/4, 10x8, 10x8

    20th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 40x6, 35x8, 30x9
    leg extension (plates) - 11x9, 12x8, 12x6
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x8, 50x7
    leg curl (plates) -20x9, 20x7, 19x6
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) - 25x18, 25x16, 20x15
    sled calve raises (plates) -

    23rd February 2004

    pulldowns - 10x7, 9x6, 8x7
    upright row (kg+bar) - 15x6, 12.5x7
    deadlift (kg+bar) - 50x8, 50x8, 50x8
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 60x7, 60x5
    lateral raises (lbs) - 20x8, 25x7
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 15x7, 12.5x5, 10x4
    hammer curls (lbs) - 35x5, 30x7, 30x6

    28th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 37.5x7,35x6, 32.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x9, 40x5, 35x5
    dumbbell flys - 20x9, 20x8
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x4, 10x7, 9x6
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 10x7, 9x8, 9x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x3, 10x8, 10x7
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