The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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Thread: Diego's Journal

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    these are my workouts over the last 2 months, decided to post them cos i think my gains have been ok, throughout my workouts i focus solely on form and on pumping the muscle itself, not on increasing weight/reps. i find if i concentrate more on incresing weight/reps i lose form.

    legend is : exercise - weight x reps, weight x reps, weight x reps

    12th January 2004

    Squats (kg+bar) - 35
    Bench Press (kg+bar) - 22.5, 25
    Incline DumbBell Press (lbs) - 30, 35
    Machine Behind Neck Press (plates) - 9, 10x3
    Sled Calve Raise (plates) - 13, 13
    Ttricep Pushdowns (plates) - 8, 9

    14th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 6x12, 6x15
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 20x12, 30x10
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 10x10, 15x10
    upright row (kg) - 20x10, 25x10
    barbell curls (kg) - 25x10, 25x6
    Dumbbell shrugs (lbs) - 50x15, 50x12
    hanging hip raises - x22, x12
    twisted crunches - x15, x15

    19th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 7x12, 6x12
    upright row (kg) - 25x12, 30x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 15x12, 15x10
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 30x15, 40x8
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x14, 10x14
    barbell curls (kg) - 30x8, 25x6
    hammer curls (lbs) 20x10, 25

    21st January 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 25x10, 25x10
    incline bench press (lbs) - 35x5, 30x8, 30x7
    dumbbell pullover - 35x12
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 9x6, 8x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 20x11, 20x10
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 8x13, 8x10

    23rd January 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 40x14, 45x14
    leg extension (plates) - 6x12, 7x8
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 35x12, 30x13
    leg curl (plates) - 14x12, 16x10
    sled calve raises (plates) - 13x12, 14x14
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) 30x19
    hanging hip raises - x20, x6
    twisting situp - x20, x6, x10

    26th January 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 8x14, 8x9
    upright row (kg) - 30x11, 25x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 15x12, 17.5x9
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 40x13, 40x10
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x14, 10x16
    barbell curls (kg) - 30x8, 27x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 25x12, 20x16

    28th January 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 25x15, 30x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 30x14, 35x7
    dumbbell pullover - 40x13
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 10x10, 10x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x7/6, 10x13/12
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x10, 8x6

    2nd February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x8, 8x10
    upright row (kg+bar) - 10x10, 10x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 17.5x12, 17.5x10
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 45x15, 45x10
    lateral raises (lbs) - 15x16, 15x12
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 10x8, 5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 25x20, 20x22

    4th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 30x9, 25x10
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 35x10, 35x7
    dumbbell pullover - 45x13, 45x11
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 11x8, 10x6
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x9, 8x9
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x5/4, 10x10

    6th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 20x12, 30x9, 30x8
    leg extension (plates) - 6x10, 7x10, 8x10
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 30x12, 40x9
    leg curl (plates) - 17x10, 17x7, 17x7
    sled calve raises (plates) - 11x19, 10x19
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) 20x13, 20x16

    9th February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x7, 8x8, 8x7
    upright row (kg) - 30x9, 30x8
    barbell bent over row (kg+bar) - 30x8, 40x8, 35x6
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 50x8, 50x6
    lateral raises (lbs) -
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 10x8, 10x5, 7.5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 30x8, 30x6, 30x6

    11th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 32.5x10,35x6, 22.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x8, 40x4
    dumbbell pullover - 45x12, 45x9
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x4, 11x4, 10x4
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 9x9, 8x9, 8x8
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x4/5, 10x7/8, 10x7

    13th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 35x9, 35x8, 30x9
    leg extension (plates) - 9x10, 10x11, 11x7
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x9, 40x8, 40x8
    leg curl (plates) - 18x11, 19x5
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) - 25x20, 25x17
    sled calve raises (plates) - 12x12, 11x11

    16th February 2004

    pulldowns (plates) - 9x8, 8x8, 8x6
    upright row (kg+bar) - 12.5x6, 10x6
    deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x9,45x9, 45x8
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 55x9, 55x5
    lateral raises (lbs) - 20x8, 20x6
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 12.5x8, 10x5, 7.5x5
    hammer curls (lbs) 35x5, 30x7, 30x6

    18th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 35x9,35x6, 32.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x9, 40x5, 35x6
    dumbbell pullover - 35x11, 40x7
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x6, 11x4, 10x4
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 10x8, 10x5, 9x6
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x5/4, 10x8, 10x8

    20th February 2004

    squats (kg+bar) - 40x6, 35x8, 30x9
    leg extension (plates) - 11x9, 12x8, 12x6
    straight leg deadlift (kg+bar) - 40x8, 50x7
    leg curl (plates) -20x9, 20x7, 19x6
    smith calve raise (kg+bar) - 25x18, 25x16, 20x15
    sled calve raises (plates) -

    23rd February 2004

    pulldowns - 10x7, 9x6, 8x7
    upright row (kg+bar) - 15x6, 12.5x7
    deadlift (kg+bar) - 50x8, 50x8, 50x8
    barbell shrugs (kg+bar) - 60x7, 60x5
    lateral raises (lbs) - 20x8, 25x7
    barbell curls (kg+bar) - 15x7, 12.5x5, 10x4
    hammer curls (lbs) - 35x5, 30x7, 30x6

    28th February 2004

    bench press (kg+bar) - 37.5x7,35x6, 32.5x6
    incline dumbbell bench press (lbs) - 40x9, 40x5, 35x5
    dumbbell flys - 20x9, 20x8
    machine behind neck press (plates) - 12x4, 10x7, 9x6
    tricep pushdowns (plates) - 10x7, 9x8, 9x5
    dumbbell tricep extension (lbs) 15x3, 10x8, 10x7
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