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Thread: Getting great results using machines..what gives?

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    Getting great results using machines..what gives?

    Well i guess I must really be a freak..
    Just for some variation i decided a few weeks ago to get some variation by using the machines at my Gym..
    I was crawling off the floor!!!
    I am getting amazing is it because these machines always make me work to failure, or I have just shocked my body?
    It seems that all the advice I was given on what NOT to do has worked for me..
    e.g. don't do a full body workout[I have been doing full body workouts and getting amazing results]
    e.g.Always use free weights not machines[see above]
    Don't worry, I am not exclusively using machines, I'm still mixing it up with my basic free weight compound movements,and also cutting back to only two workouts a week[THAT I see a lot of positive changes with] and so what I want to know is everybody's thoughts on this?
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    whatever works, simple as that.

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    in optimum conditions (with a spotter) free weights ARE generally the better choice...
    without a spotter (as your condition) dumbbells are good up to a certain weight at which they to become dangerous, and this is when machines become invaluable for every exercise.

    There isa time and a place for each thing you stated above...

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    Yes, whatever works. Use machines. But free weights are better for overall development. Machines take out stabilizers. By all means, use machines.

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    Machines are my heros!!!!!!

    I like how you are forced to use good form, thats one benefit from linear movement i guess.... Also they are safer with big weights IMO, and for some reason i dont mess up my wrists like i do with dumbells... For instance on the MTS row i can pull about 50/60KG per arm, my wrist would "pop" with that kinda free-weight

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    Nothing wrong with full-body workouts.

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    Define amazing results.
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    I would imagine his results are amazing in relation to his past gains. It's all relative.

    Remember, there is no absolute one way to make gains. Machines do have their place. Most people will use them at one time or another. Though the general idea is to stick mainly to free weights. And sometimes full body work outs are better than other splits. It all depends on various factors such as time and what your body is able to handle.
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    example for biceps:

    i get a way better workout using the machines for biceps than i do using free weights....duno why. Machines hit it harder for me and totally isolate them.

    guess its diff for everyone. whatever works best for you i guess
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    i like using the Hammer Strength machines sometimes
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    i noticed when i do the machines it targets my chest big time, when i regular bench it feels like it hits my triceps mostly. i think switching it up to machines once in a while or finishing with machines too failure is a great idea.
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