O.K..Last night my g/f drags me to this seminar by supposed "nutritional guru" Olek Fontenot. I did a search on him online an found nothing.Supposed his ways of eating help lower chances of diseases like diabetes;heart disease an a whole slew of other things.I think all these supposed guru's claim these things.

Alot of what he preached was eating food in it's most natural state an avoid cooking vegetables eat them as raw an fresh as possible; an to avoid all meat proteins.I get tons of my protein from different meats so I pretty much blanked out what he was saying at that time.But to each their own;it works for some people.

What caught my ear was what he was saying about beans..fresh picked are dry beans.As he said eat them fresh picked are dry.I eat like a 1/2 cup dry equal to 1 cup cooked everyday @ lunch time.Helps keep my blood sugar down in the evenings.( dang diabetes...I miss spaghetti) I like them fresh an raw straight from the field when I can; but as for the dry beans.He said cooking them only detracts from their nutrtional value.Have you ever tried to eat a dry bean?..It's like chewing pebbles.After the seminar he took questions.So I ask him about eating the dry beans.

He says "Soak them an they won't be as hard an should be able to be chewed"...I found this hard to believe so I asked them "What if they are still not soft enough to chew?"...He then replies "Swallow them like pills"... "WTF?"....

Wouldn't that bloat a person?And what other side effects would that give a person besides excessive ? I know soaking them helps remove some of the gas causing effects..Whats ya'll thoughts on this?..

Oh an by the way..If you here of a seminar coming to your area by this Olek Fontenot; save your $5.