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Thread: Trouble doing BB rows after DLs.

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    Trouble doing BB rows after DLs.

    I've been doing WBB1 now since last june. Strength has gone up, size too. I've gained 20 lbs since August, and kept my BF at 12%. My problem has been on chest/back day, I kill my lower back doing DLs, then when I move on to rows, I can't do BB rows. If I lean forward at all, even the slightest little bit, my back gives out because it's just too wiped from the DLs.. I was doing the BB rows, but I was pretty much upright, bringing the bar from groin level to just above my navel. I have since switched to using DBs, since I can lean on a bench with my off hand and knee, thereby removing my low back from the equation. I've been making strength gains with them (up to 130lb DBs now, I weigh 172), but my lats don't seem to be growing any wider (thicker, yes). I'm doing weighted pullups, but I think my biceps are doing much of the work. Any thoughts?

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    Do bent-over DB rows instead. They're better anyway.

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    I had a similar problem with bent over bb rows after dls, and db rows seem to be working just fine. I say go for it.

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    Yes, db rows are excellent. I like to switch them up with the bb rows occasionally.

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    Move deadlifts to their own day.
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    I do DB rows and BB rows before deads. Seems to work better, you get a nice lower back warmup, and have strength for the rows and by this point your pumped for deads.


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