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Thread: Will Bulking make me Fat?

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    Will Bulking make me Fat?

    I've been working out on and off for many many years. Lately, I have a new training partner and we've been working out very hard (1 muscle part per week, 6 days a week) besides my boxing training 2 days a week. I've been pretty lean for a few years (skinny but not defined), I was really fat as a teen though. I have one of THOSE bodytypes.

    K, nough Background. So my buddy is telling me to EAT EAT EAT. I gained about 10 lbs within the last month, and kindof gained a belly as well. I also seem to be a little slower and sweat a lot more also. With one of "those" bodytypes, should I just stick to the lean look rather than trying to get Big? For some reason, I feel like I'll just get fat again and it makes me not want to eat.

    I eat decent. Lots of bars (Kashi Go Lean Protien, Zone), 3 Servings of some Protien Shake (40 Gms per serving), then whatever I can get my hands on. Tuna, hamburger meat, burritos... How strict should I be with the diet, btw?

    And should I cut out peanut butter? For some reason, I've been eating a lot of it ever since I started trying to 'bulk'.
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    Well gaining 10lbs per month is one sure-fire way to get fat. I'd get a strict bulking diet, count your calories, aim for .5lbs/week gained. That will minimize fat gained. 25% of your daily cals should come from good fats, 1g of protein per/lb of bw and so on. Run a search for more info. As for the peanut butter, its a good source of fat, keep eating it. Natural pb is usually a better choice.

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    Dont let bulking be an excuse for eating terrivle foods. Bulk cleanly and gain as much muscle as possible. You will gain some body fat but that is a small price for a lot of muscle.

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    I would definitely eat alot but I would focus on eating cleanly... as you stated yourself you have gained somewhat of a belly... maybe that should be telling you something about your eating everything in site plan. I would go for a slow gain of .5 to 1 lb a week IMO that is if you want to limit fat gain

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    you could also throw in some HIIT on off days to minimize fat gains.


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