Hey all, first of all i gotta say that this is my first post here. i have been reading the forums for a month or 2 and i have learned alot, so thank you all!

I am currently 175lbs, 14%BF, and trying desperatley to gain muscle and bulk up. I am doing a mammoth 2500 shake each morning (about 1200 calories) and getting my protein to around 175g each day, and working out hard mon wed and fri.

my question is this:

on days where i dont have time to eat (i know i know, MAKE TIME), if i had a choice of fast food or NO food, what should i choose? my thoughts to it are that i should eat the fast food to at least get my calories (in my opinion this is not the greatest, but its just more work for me to shed fat later)...

what do you reccommend?