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Thread: when your body is acheing (sp)?

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    when your body is acheing (sp)?

    whats the best thing to use to make the pain go away?

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    I think its just one of those things you've got to deal with. I'm assuming you haven't been doing this long, but the longer you do it the less you feel the ache.

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    enjoy the after effect of training I do ... however warming down / stretching / and general stress free stuff is best to ease the pain away... Oh and EAT cause the more nutrients your body recieves the quicker it can rebuild and recover...

    But personal the feeling of the pump and the soreness day after makes training what it is.

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    I agree with Kirman.

    Only problem I have now is with my 80 pound 6 year old and my 20 pound 1 year old. Holding my daughter or playing soccer with my son after getting sore is "painful" to do.

    Kinda feels good though, at least I know my body is being challenged/changed.
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    IBUPROFEN takes all aches away!

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    if i get a good stretch after my workout, the day after isn't so bad.. less of a painful feeling and more of the good soreness feeling knowing i got a good workout.. and of course, lots of sleep the night of a workout

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    You can also lightly work the muscle a day or two after, which can aid somewhat in recovery. Also, warming up the muscle will reduce or eliminate the ache, you can warm the muscle through progressive stretching as stated above.
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