I have been doing this WBB#1 routine for about 5 or 6 weeks. I have noticed improvement every on every workout out day from the previous week except for a 2 or 3 exercises. Maybe its because I was noticeably stronger 8 months ago. I had to stop lifting for 6 months because of an injury to my right hand. In any case I was pretty happy with the way results, except I didn't like the 2 day break. To fix that I have decided to make it a 6 day repeat cycle by eliminating a break day. Ok that is all great but my problem is the deadlift. I had never done this exercise before 6 weeks ago. I started it really light the first week (135 Lbs.) and progressed it every week after that. Last week I did 2 sets of 225 for 8 repititions each and felt like it was a good work out. So today I started it with 245 I did it 3 times,but before my back or legs could feel they got any type of work out both my hands just gave out with the grip. I then went to 235 and did it for 5 reps and again both my hands gave out on the grip. I went for another set with 235 and again did it 5 times with both hands giving out on the grip. I then had grip issues with the barbell rows using 175 @ 6 reps up from last week 165 for 8 reps. Then I went to shoulder shrugs and did 175 just like last week only this time I didn't have the grip to hold it for the full 10 reps and I end up dropping it and instantly picking it right back up 3 times until I got my full 10 shrugs. I know they sell these gloves with a grip thing that you can wrap around the bar but I am concernced as to what is wrong with the grip in my hands. I don't have small hands as a matter of fact I have proportionally very large hands (XL gloves that fit quite snug and I am only 5'9"). I know the injury in my right hand screwed my grip a bit. But I felt like both hands were giving out on me, not just my right hand. Is this a normal thing in the dead lift? Could 20 pounds really make such a difference that suddenly your hand can't grip for sh#$? If so will my grip improve with time just doing the deadlift alone?