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Thread: Cutting Diet, some help Please

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    Cutting Diet, some help Please

    I'm currently 5'6 ~163-165 pounds @ 18-20%bf and hoping to start my cut sometime next month. I'm hoping to get down to 10-12% bf in 12 weeks which should takes me down to 145-150 pounds. I'm hoping to keep as much muscle as I can.

    I lift 3-4 days a week and slowly going to add HIIT and ephedra over the course of the cut.

    My projected diet looks like this...

    10:00am M1: 2 Whole Eggs, 4 Egg whites, 1 fruit
    12:00pm M2: 3-4 2oz Chicken Breast, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 cup of Beans
    3:00pm M3: 2 Slices of WW Bread, 1 Can of Tuna in water, 1 slice of cheese
    6:00pm M4: 2 Slices of WW Bread, 1 Can of Tuna in water, 1 slice of cheese
    10:00pm M5: 1 Scoop of protein in water
    12:00pm M6: 1 Scoop of protein in water

    ~ 1620 Calories,
    ~ 50 grams of fat (28%)
    ~ 80 grams of carbs (20%)
    ~ 200 grams of protein (52%)

    after my workouts I am going to add some alittle more complex carbs cal count +100 on workout day.

    Comments on the plan and diet are more then welcomed!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your calories look pretty low. I'd start off with 2000 kcals and slightly higher carbs/lower protein. You can lower the carbs as you go depending on your energy levels.

    So, maybe with 2000 kcals:
    82-95g fat
    120g-150g carbs
    165g protein

    The rest of your diet looks alright, but make sure to get 25g of fiber or more. The protein for the last two meals might be best subbed for something whole, like cottage cheese, turkey, or lean beef. I'd prefer less grains, but it's all in how your body reacts to them. Good luck!

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    so when cutting, you want to take in as much protein as possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by workingbrian
    so when cutting, you want to take in as much protein as possible?
    The general rule is 1g of protein per lb of body weight
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    Protein aint magical, do what patty says and no no more, honestly you will get no further benefits. Taper your cals down weekly and up your cardio gradually. Be patient otherwise you will drop too much muscle.
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    Id have to agree cals do look a little bit low... start with 2000 and if you're still not losing drop 250 cal/wk until you're getting about a .5-1lb weight loss/wk.


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