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Thread: How long does ur cutting cycle last?

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    How long does ur cutting cycle last?

    I will be cutting with the use of ephedra and i was just wondering how long of a cutting cycle does everyone usaully do im not adding in the epherda yet but when i start cutting it will be march 20th and i plan to have meet my goals of lowiering my bodyfat about 10-12% by jun 20th does that sound about right>?

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    I don't cut for more than 12 weeks at a time, I can't mantain eating discipline after that time, it even starts breaking up a bit after 10 weeks.
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    I cut until I reach my goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryuage
    I cut until I reach my goals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryuage
    I cut until I reach my goals.
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    Getting motivated to start is half the battle.

    I wouldn't cut for months and months at a time. You need to adjust for your slowing metabolism and you can only lower your calories so much (eating/cardio) before something gives. I'd also be wary of strength loss after a lengthy cut. So, 3-4 months, then cleanly bulk for a short period if you're still not lean enough, then cut again.

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    I usually cut for 10 weeks. I lose about 2lbs. a week. I never cut more than 20lbs. at a time, just to make sure i don't lose any more muscle than I have too. If I am not happy, I will do a clean mini-bulk for 10 weeks, and cut again.


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