Hey guys,
I'm trying to get cut, so I've decided that my diet was where I should attack the most. I am a freshman in college so the dining hall is my only option, or fast food. Well can you help give me a rough diet plan. I'm 5'11 150 and have been working out heavily for about 5 months. I've put on some major weight, 25+ pounds plus and I can see that in my muscle size, back, etc. I'm prob not over 15% bf. I eat whatever I see has the most carbs, and protien since I was super skinny when I came here. Now i feel i'm at a weight that I like, but hope to gain about 15 more pounds. But I want to get cut, so i should actually look at my diet.
So this is my meal plan everyday

Morning: No breakfast time so powerbar in class

Lunch:Bowl of pasta and meat, tomatoes, and spices in marinara sauce,
I also normally have 2 glass of 2% milk

Snack:6 inch sub, turkey, tomato, and lettuce

Dinner: Massed potatoes, steak sandwich, pretty much whatever they have on the buffet line.

Snack: 12am uncle ben's frozen dinner(i think this should def be cut out)

I think i need to incoporate more greens in my diet. My dining hall has pasta, salad bar, sub station, pizza, buffet line, fruits, burgers, milk everyday.
Any help would be awesome Thanks.

Also do you think I should start some cardio, I don't really want to lose weight, but bodyfat if that is possible.
Is it possible to get cut, without losing weight by still lifiting or is that how you get more definition.