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Thread: Found a Powerlifting Comp

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    Found a Powerlifting Comp

    My buddy and I found a powerlifting competition for june 12th and were planning to go compete in it.

    This will be are first time, so is there anything specific we shold know?
    I know most of the basic stuff , like pausing on bench and going below parralel on squat but other than that i dont know much.
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    weight: 155?
    height: 5'9"

    benchpress: 275x1
    military press: 160x1
    deadlift: 405x1

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    Important: read the rule book! If you know what the judges are looking for, you can't fail. Read it again and again, and if you have specific questions, ask others who have lifted in the same fed.

    FYI: I didn't read the rules and consequently bombed in my first meet. Waste of time and effort, so don't repeat my mistake.

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    If you can find anyone that is competing, or even better a ref for the comp to check your form then you will have a much better idea on what you need to do. It shouldn't be too hard to find out what gym some of the competitors are lifting at, and then try to arrange a meet up, or simply go there and hope that one or two are there.

    They are usually easy to spot as they are the guys who've monopolized the power rack and have singlets or wraps on, and chalk or bands, etc...

    Most guys are more than happy to observe your lifts and tell you if they think it'll pass or not.
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    Along with the above advice, it wouldn't hurt to watch a competition first.
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    Remember to wait for the "rack" command after completing your benchpress.

    Pay attention to the announcer, because they'll probably call out when you're four lifters out, on deck, in the hole and (obviously) the lifter.

    Open with a lift that you can triple in the gym. Then, take an attempt that's about 90% of your 1RM and then shoot for a new PR on your 3rd.
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