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Thread: first powerlifting meet coming up

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    first powerlifting meet coming up

    alright heres the d/l, which is in my journal as well:
    17 years old
    lifting less than 2 mo.s
    and i have my first powerlifting meet in a little less than 2 weeks; saturday march 6. its the nebraska state high school powerlifting champs.

    my question is, is it alright for me to kill myself in my workouts this week? the reason is that i wanted to squat 4 plates (405 lbs) one time before i went so i know i could do more than that at the meet. my next squat falls on friday, and i always kill my legs for about a week or so with those. is this smart?

    i know that it might not be the most physically positive things i could do, but is it that bad? and i think the psychological effect of me reaching my big goal would just eliminate any physical side effect...

    basically what would you powerlifters reccomend, squat big a week before a meet, or save up and do an unknown weight, as the biggest weight i have ever squatted is 380x2?
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