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Thread: Cardio routines

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    Cardio routines

    Hey, my girlfriend is looking to lose a few pounds & tone up her muslces a little, do any of you know some good sites with some free cardio sample routines?

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    cardio sample routines?
    like run on a treadmill..
    run in a park..
    run in a city???

    I'm confused as to what you are looking for?

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    you could always suggest reading up at

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    the best cardio i know of for dropping pounds is interval training. after doing a warm up, run at 75% of your max for 5 minutes then slow down to a fast walk for 2 minutes rest. then do 80% of max for 5 minutes then fast walk for 2 minutes rest. then do 85% for 5 minutes with a 2 minute fast walk....and so on until you do 5 minutes at your top speed and make sure to do a full cool down by walking until your heart rate comes back down. (this can be done running on a track, outside, treadmill, on bike oustide, stationary bike, eliptical machine etc.). if 5 minutes is too long at first then only do 3 minutes with a 1 minute fast walk rest.
    as for toning up the muscles....light weights with 12-15 reps just so that by the last rep she can feel the burn by isn't at failure.


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