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Thread: Anyone tried those powerblock dumbells?

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    Anyone tried those powerblock dumbells?

    I thouht about buying them for when I move back into my moms basement, maybe if i'm too lazy to head to the gym (which is highly unlikely) or If i wanna workout with my bro. I found out that a set that goes from like 10 to 85 lbs would cost me 1,000 bucks. That is unbelieveable! Who would buy that ****? I am just goign to buy some olympic handles a slew of 10's, some 5's and 2.5's. It would be much cheaper. Of course, the first thing to buy for a home gym is a nice rack.

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    Let me know what kind of rack you get. I've seen them anywhere from 200 - 800 dollars.

    Make sure it's gonna hold enough weight as well.

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    If I ever do i'll buy it from that is a nice one

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    WOW where did u get your price??

    I went to their homepage and I found that a set that goes from 5lbs - 85lbs to be $548. This set goes up in weight in 5lbs increments. Check it out...its called the pro rexan (5lbs - 45lbs) with the 40lb add on.

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    I dunno I own a pair and don't like them, it's actually harder to gauge the weight than if you were to buy a set of olympic or standard handles and do them yourself. I just don't like them, there are some things you can't do with them due to their design. If you want something that's easy to change though and compact, I'd get them, if you wanted something nice w/out paying out the butt I'd just get dumbbell handles and use them. After a while you can change them pretty quick (less than 30 seconds for two dumbbells). What I plan on doing is buying more standard plates, and a few extra pairs of handles so I can go ahead and make my dumbbells before working out. Plus, if you get standard plate handles you can usually find 1-1/4 plates (so you can adjust in 2.5lb increments (good for weaker muscles). But if you really want powerblocks I guess get them. I wouldn't though. That's just my $0.02


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