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    I have been doing full squats for quite some time, and there is a question which keeps on bothering me. For example there are 2 people who have roughly the same strength in squatting, say 315lb max full squat. Now one of them keeps on doing full squats, and one of them switches to quarter squats. Undoubtedly the person who does quarter squats will be using heavier weights from now on.

    So after 3 months, who will be stronger in doing quarter squats?

    Of course the person who only does full squats will still be better in doing them, but could he/she still outlift in doing quarter squats?

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    This sounds like an awesome research topic. In my opinion it'd be the dude doin full squats. He knows how to do'em. The other fewl don't know $hit how to do squats.

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    The guy training quarter squats will probably win. Here's why. When you practice a movement, you'll get better at that movement. Since a quarter squat is part of the full squat, gains in the full squat will transfer over to the quarter squat well. But since the full squat is NOT a partial of the quarter squat (it's the other way around), quarter squats won't transfer over nearly as well as the converse.

    1) If you do full squats, your full squat and quarter squat will increase.

    2) If you do quarter squats, your quarter squat will increase, although there may not be much of a jump in the full squat.

    3) It's harder to add 50 pounds on your full squat than it is to add 50 on your quarter. For instance, when I first started doing rack lockouts on deadlift, I could deadlift 405, but could rack lockout around 500. Six months later, I could deadlift around 485, but could rack lockout 700. It's just easier to improve a smaller movement. This is due to neurological adaptation and lack of a "weak link". For 99% of the population, the bottom of the squat is the toughest. There's also the recovery issue. When you do the full, you're using much more muscle than the quarter. It's going to be harder on your body to overcompensate for that much muscle recruitment than for the amount used when quarter squatting.

    If a guy starts doing just quarter squats, his lifts will jump dramatically. He'll kick the other guys ass in the quarter squat (this is what you were asking). But, his gains in the quarter won't transfer nearly as well to the full squat as the other guy's full transferring to the quarter.

    In summary, if you want to improve your quarter, perform the quarter. If you want to get better at the full, perform the full. If you want to get better at reverse cable wrist curls, perform them. The neurological adaptation to a lift is of more value (in the form of increased poundages) than the muscle's work capacity in the short term.

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    Cobra laid out all the right information.
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