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Thread: Neutral Grip Bench Press??

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    Neutral Grip Bench Press??

    Well it's like 4a.m. here an I have nothing better to do;except browse webpages.I came accross a certain online retailer (don't know if we are allowed to mention retailers names on here) that is selling a "MEGA-TRICEP BAR" that is basically a 7ft Tricep bar.Sure there are the small ones that are like 3ft wide; but If a prsn wrks out alone; there's no spotter to catch the bar.It doesn't say for Bench Press' specifically; but do ya'll think there would be any benefit to a neutral grip on Benches.I know from a competitive point "no" b/c it doesn't mimmic competiton;but for some one just seeking to increase strength; think it would help?

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    Any benefit? It's just another way to press. I'd certainly toss it in my bag of tricks.
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