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Thread: Mass Building Diet, Anyone???

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    Mass Building Diet, Anyone???

    Dose anyone know a good Mass Building Diet? Like what to eat on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks? Also how many calories and Protein in the deit would be helpful.
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    seeing you seem to be in the same boat as I was when I first started, tall and skinny. Bulking diet? Simply hammmer on lots of protien (shakes, tuna, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs) and a good dose of carbs (pasta , whole wheat bread) and dont cut out your fat, make sure to get your EFA's, i get em in omega 3-6-9 pills. Eat AT LEAST 4 meals, try for 6, and carry snacks with you so you can always eat, at least every 3 hours. You should see pretty good gains if you jsut started, I did about 20lbs in 3 monthes. Creatine will also add some good solid pounds. Main thing is eat, and eat ALOT.

    Doing searches on this forum for diets will give you tonnes of idieas, good luck

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    When I bulk I try to eat the same stuff I eat when cutting (chicken, tuna, eggs, oats, ww bread, etc.) but in large quantities, depending on how many calories I need.
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