I have started doing back squats again and I place the bar lower on my back. I find this a lot better for me and I feel much more stable when doing squats. That being said, my issue is with my wrists. Because I have the far much lower, my wrist will eventually start to bend back more because the bar shifts some during the reps. When I first attempted 275, I did six reps but man my wrists were killing me. I was hoping to do 2x6 but with the wrist problem, I knew this was gonna happen. When I did my squats today, I did 4x3 and that helped some. I also switched from a closed grip to an open grip. This seemed to help some more.

I'm thinking about buying some wrist raps to further stabilize my wrists. Any other tips to help with this?

P.S. I looked at some photo's of heavy Pl'ers squatting, and I see their wrists do the same thing.