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Thread: Squatting/ hip involvement?

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    Squatting/ hip involvement?

    i have a problem. when i started squatting seriously i did wide stance squats/ box squats meaning there was a lot of hip/glute involvement. thus i have a bit of hip flexor development. i realize hip flexor development is not good for bodybuilding as it ruins the look. i am currently doing narrow stance squats but i still feel that i still use a lot of hip involvement whenever i squat or deadlift because i've been doing it for so long. can anyone give me any recommendations on eliminating hip involment when squatting. are there any ways for me to reduce my hip development. all tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Why would hip development ruin the look?

    Hip flexors are important for strength in compound lifts like squats and deadlifts.

    If you don't care about strength at all, then just do isolation work like leg curls/extensions
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    its impossible to take the hips completly out of the squat, actually it wont hurt the look that much unless you have a wide waist also, as long as your waist is small then having good hip development it will make your legs look huge all the way down..

    but to minimize hip invlovement the best thing to do is use a narrower stance, but they will still be invloved a good deal, or u can just do leg press, because of the limited range of motion the hips are less involved
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