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Thread: Weight Belts

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    Weight Belts

    What do weight belts really do? Do they just help in leverage during lifts? I bought one when I first started lifting because I was under the impression that it was needed on heavy lifts.

    How many of you guys/girls use them?

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    When going mad heavy on squats I always use them. It gives me much better support. People say though that you should never use weight belts because your lowerback is not doing all the work it should, and thus it will in time become weaker, and that's the last thing you want with stabilizer muscles.
    But I strengthen my lower back via good mornings and hyperextensions. ALso deads help too.

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    pro belt- it helps take tension off your lower back therfore may reduce the chance of injury.

    con belt - you lower back area will not work as hard as supported therefore leaving you with a weaker back. Though as littleman points out this may be occur if your doing deadlifts and good morning as this area is worked.

    If your a BB then wearing a belt should not matter as its about looking good rather than being strong. if you play sports where your lower back is under tension then i would be less inclined to wear a belt as to get that section of your body strong as possible.

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    I never really wear a bely but did the other day on my last 1 rep max attempt on squats. I think I will continue to use it only on 1RM attempts of squats and deads.
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