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    i've been bulking for about a month now. just got the fitday program this week and decided to see how i was eating. came out to about 4,000 calories. i weigh almost about 157 lbs and am barely gaining weight. diet is pretty clean, came out to this:

    tuesday 3,946 calories.. carb, protein, fat: 48, 31, 21
    wednesday 3,844 calories... 38, 31, 31
    today.. uhh.. not so clean.. so far 2,826 cals, 40, 38, 22

    yeah i had like an in-n-out 3x3, fries, and just had some fish sticks and fries right now

    just thought i'd use this as an example to some people out there trying to gain weight. some people tend to need a lot more calories than others to gain weight. i read a post somewhere to use BW x 18 for bulk, BW x 15 to maintain, and BW x 12 to cut.. dont take these too seriously, they are meant to be a guideline
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