I've been (sorta) bulking for a little while, and I've decided to cut before upping my workout regimen with more isolating exercises... Thing is I took 3500 calories in Wednesday, and sicne I decided to cut, I only ate 1000 cals Thursday. The entire day Thursday I worked out about 4 muscle groups, 1 hr of cardio, and cleaned up the house all on a small fillet of salmon, less than half a cup beans, 350 cals of protein shakes and low-carb shakes (mixed with cold water), and some oatmeal w/ low-carb toast (300 cals estimated). So that adds up to about 1000.

I know this is normally too little, but today I did plan to up it to about 1500-2000 daily until I start bulking (and the off-hand day of "refeeding" @ about 3000 cals. Only today I felt like TOTAL CRAP (headache, queasy stomach, could barely sit up without being dizzy). A virus has been going around, but is it possible that my extreme low-cal intake on Thursday may have caused my fatigue and headache? I could easily imagine that as it coincidentally happened the day after my low intake.