anybody care to disagree with me?

this whole mystical, magical, wonderful number - "ONE GRAM PER LB OF BODYWEIGHT"

i personally think it's overkill and definitely not necessary, even for bodybuilders.

i think sometimes people get too infatuated with reaching this magical number that they take in too many calories, and end up gaining a lot of unintended bodyfat.

i've noticed that phenomenon myself.. trying desperately to take in 190-200 g of protein for my bodyweight.. and just getting flabby over time.

i have since decreased my protein intake to a more sensible 120-150 g (this was not at all easy to do.. trust me) I felt like i was gonna shrink into a pile of bones.. but i kept the calories a little bit lower, and have noticed that i have slimmed down, but not lost a step in any of my lifts or in muscle mass.

It might be just me.. but i don't think it's necessary to take in quite as much protein as advertised.. in fact, in some way, i think it's a ploy by protein/supplement companies to encourage people to intake more protein and, thus, purchase more supplements.. leaking out reports that "1g/1lb" is the magic number.

any thoughts on the issue?