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Thread: Protein Intake is so Overrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by HemiVision
    This is not true. Your body only requires a certain amount of protein, and anything you intake beyond that amount is only going to be broken down by your kidneys.

    I'd be cautious about using a site that sells supplements as a guide to how much should be consumed.


    Besides the fact thats incorrect. Remember just exactly WHAT were doing here. We are LIFTING WEIGHTS. When you do this, it brakes the muscle tissue down. In order to regrow and build bigger, it needs protein. Why you ask? Because PROTEIN BUILDS MUSCLE. However, if you werent lifting, I would definitely say that the amount required is significantly less. But since LIFTING is the name of the game, your gonna need MORE PROTEIN

    Another thing.. lets say you are taking in plenty of protein and more than enough for rebuilding muscle tissue, there are PLENTY of other actions that excess protein can take, it doesnt just get thrown away.
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