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Thread: Bad spotter?

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    Bad spotter?

    Ok, after about two weeks of lagging on the same weight for bench press (going up a few reps but that's it), I blamed it all on the fact every friday night I'd gone out drinking/partying/dancing.. so I was still outta it from the night before. So today, after not going out last night, I warm up quick, toss on my normal weight, and add another five just for the hell. Grab a spotter, and do it.. more reps then I normally do, and not to failure like normal. So, I take off that five, and toss on twenty in it's place.. and do the same amount on my next rep with that spotter. (7 reps) So, my third turn comes, and I keep the same weight but grab a different spotter just for the hell.. go down once and almost don't get it up. Did four more reps, with him just keeping it steady and then I'm done. And I feel the same way I normally do, a little worn out. Unlike I had on the first two sets.

    So.. what do you think? Did I actually make any gains today, or did I just have a spotter that was helping me out a little too much? I normally go without a spotter except someone I ask to 'watch that I don't get it stuck on me. If I do, take your time and help me out whenever you finish your own set', so I ain't really sure how much a spotter should be helping me out.


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    Your spotter should not be lifting any of the wieght unless you told them you wanted to do forced reps or negatives. Next time keep the same spotter and explain to them exactly what you want done.
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    For real, you were probably lifting the weight you originally had on the bar before you added the 20 lbs. Don't let spotters help you; they are basically there to make sure you dont drop the weight on yourself. Unless you are doing forced reps, negatives, etc. like getin bigger said.

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    The spotter shouldn't have his hands on the bar until the bar is crushing at least two organs.
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