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Thread: training heavy

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    training heavy

    what happens when you hit a rut? it seems like i've been on the same weights for months and months now. is growth still gonna happen like this? should i switch up my routine or what? help!

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    try varying you rep scheme, your body adjust to routines after a while.

    if your in the 1-5 rep range try a slightly higher rep range for a while like 6-10 this should help u get out of the rut, or just change your exercises, variety is the key, always keep your muscles guessing and they will keep responding
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    What does your routine and rep scheme look like?
    What is elite?
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    for awhile i've being going 2 sets of 6-8

    bb or db bench
    incline / regular flies
    incline db press
    bb or db row
    pullups or seated row

    sl deadlift
    leg extension or curl
    calf raises
    cg bench
    dips or pulldowns

    bb curl
    db curl or incline curl
    hammer curl
    shoulder press
    military press
    lat raise

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    maybe try doing three sets for two exercises a muscle, and cutting out some of the extra ones. like do 3 sets of bb bench and 3 sets of incline db or something.

    try upping the weight so that by the 3rd set, you can only do like 5 reps on your own, and force the last three w/spotter.

    i did that on decline bench yesterday, and it felt really good.

    are you sore after your workouts?

    good luck!


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