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Thread: vomiting after weight training , help plz :O

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    vomiting after weight training , help plz :O

    ever since around one or so months ago every time i go to the gym to lift some weights, after i finish my warm ups and move onto the real stuff i quickly become fealing really really sick (stomach pains) and end up having to go to the toilets and throwing up 'nothing' , like the thing im throwing up tastes and looks like Sprite ( the drink made by coke ) :| and i havnt had sprite in like 2 years. Ive tried having different eatting patterns but it still happens. I dont use enhancers/steroids and i stretch and warm up before lifting the heavy stuff. Any ideas?

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    Need a little bit more information like exactly how long have you been lifting continually? With out knowing that I can only guess and my guess would be this.

    I two experience the same problem however I found that my mind will push me farther then my body can handle. In the process my blood sugar drops (first sign of this is yawning and feeling sluggish) Next I used to get a little dizzy then the feeling of getting sick. I ask a holistic doctor on the matter and this is what he had to say after training me for a few weeks. He said that my body is resisting the change that weight training is putting me through he also said that once I get over it I will grow like a weed. So far I have found this to be true. Either case I sagest you talk with a doctor (that knows about weight training) not just a normal doctor I was shock when I found out the doctor I go to knows less about muscle development then I . Bad doctor! Oh yeah don’t talk with the personal trainers at the gym either unless you know they have more knowledge then just an IART or ACE certification cuz those guys don’t know crap!

    Good luck hope you find the anwsers you need

    Being small with Neuromuscular strength is good but being BIG with Neuromuscular strength is better!

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    When I first started getting back into training, I would feel really sick on my heavy days. Most often Leg Day, but occasionally Back Day too. It was because I wasn't used to the loads I was putting on my body. After a few workouts I got used to it again and stopped feeling sick and now all is well again. Make sure to watch your breathing, and drink water or a carb drink during your workout that might help too. I also try not to eat anything a couple hours before my workout...

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    I've puked on leg day before, and still get the feeling once in awhile. I pretty much always drink a shake before lifting, I think that may actually help (maybe has something to do with the blood sugar thing).
    I've found that it happens more often when I cut my rest time between sets to 30-40 seconds, that hits my cardiovascular system much harder and makes me a little nausiated (as does running... damn cardio...).
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    its just a sign that you have over exerted your body.
    Its not abnormal.
    Its just your body telling you that something is outta whack, either your outta shape or your malnurished.


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