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Thread: Bulking and other diet info...

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    Bulking and other diet info...

    ***I'll post my personal stats at the end of this message.***

    I understand that "BULKING" is just eating enough food so that you gain weight. I also understand that I should try to gain between .5 and 1 lbs per week.

    What I don't understand is:

    I assume I should begin by bulking... What is a good starting point for bulking?

    How long/far should I go with bulking?

    Is "CUTTING" the exact opposite of bulking? (losing about a pound per week?)

    When do I bulk, and when do I cut?

    Is it allways either bulk or cut? I thought I saw something about maintaining somewhere.

    What is "clean and dirty" bulking?

    I see a formula in some other posts that looks like this:
    40/40/20 <---what's this? I assume it means a percentage of the food intake, but have't figured it out exactly.

    Ok, I think that I could make a good start if I knew the answers to those questions above. Here are my stats and goals:

    5'9" tall
    159.2 lbs (butt naked)
    13% bodyfat (according to one of those electronic bathroom scales)

    I am a karate instructor, and I am learning how to shootfight (kickboxing/grappling) I am very active.

    My goals are:
    #1 to increase in size, #2 increase strength.

    Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    you need to first find out how many cals you need to maintain (BMR + Activity) and then to bulk add and to cut subtract. Remember that a pound of fat is 3500 cals, so to lose 1lb of fat a week you need to take in 500 less per day (500x7=3500), the opposite is true with bulking, to gain 1lb a week of muscle go over by 1600/7 (1 pound of muscle is 1600cals) every day..

    not to difficult..
    the split like 30/40/30 is how much percent from each macronutrient

    for example a 30/40/30 is 30% fat 40% carb 30% prot, meaning that say you want to eat 2500 cals a day, 750 cals fat, 1000 cals carbs, 750 cals protein... because fat is 9cal/g while carb and prot are 4cal/g that adds to:
    83g fat 250g carb 188g protein for the 30/40/30 on 2500 cals...see its not that confusing..haha

    assuming you don't want to/can't calculate bmr+activity good starting guidelines are BWx12 for cutting BWx15 for maintenance and BWx18 for you ppl under age 25 have higher metabolisms so their bulk is more like BWx20-25... add any calories from cardio in too...

    one last thing - if you want a good point to start, do BWx18 for a week, if you gain less than a pound..bump up 200 cals..then try another week..keep bumping up till reach desired goals..personally i like to gain 2lb a week

    225lb @ 17% bodyfat, currently cutting
    Current lifts while cutting (all raw): bench 275x4, squat 365x8
    Estimated current maxes: 300 bench / 450 dead / 450 squat
    Competition / Gym PRs (from March 08)
    Bench: 325 raw / 385 loose shirt
    Deadlift: 450 raw ADFPF 04/26/08
    Squat: 405 raw


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